Flash Designs Studio is made up of two Ottawa photographers offering photography packages of various sizes and styles in the Ottawa Valley area. Whether you are looking for an experienced boudoir photographer, a fashion photographer for your event, or a portrait photographer for your family or business, we can help. We are a husband and wife team who can service a wide variety of photography needs.

Our Photography Interests and Values

Our own personal interests give us a lean toward fine art photography, nature photography and abstract compositions. Our values (and some competitive spirit) push us both to be the best photographer we can be. We work together as a team and independently, depending on the project.

Norm particularly likes the sharing of ideas during collaboration to see it through to the execution of a finished image everyone is proud of.

We try hard to keep up to date on the fast-moving Ottawa photography scene. Flash Designs Studio has make-up artists, body painters, stylists and other artists with whom we can network with to complete most any project. We have a comfortable studio space that we use for our shoots. Location shoots, whether indoors or out, can easily be done as we are fully equipped. Our battery system can power multiple high intensity flash units in remote areas without electricity.

If you are looking for professional photography services, please contact us and see if we can be the best Ottawa photographer for your project.